Website Review: World Binary Exchange

world binary exchangeFirst time visitors of the website might find themselves a bit lost due to the exclusive nature of binary trading itself. However, the homepage of the World Binary Exchange website attempts to simplify things by focusing on clients’ long term life goals instead. Phrases such as- ‘new car?’, ‘extended vacation?’ etc. attracts instant attention and has potential investors hooked on investing for their next luxury escape. Hence, the clever use of rather simplistic and very crisp, in your face advertising is indeed a fool proof method of attracting visitor attention.

The designers have conjured a minimalistic design that directly passes on the message to its potential investors in the form of the said luxury elements of dreams. This helps put forward the fact that binary option trading is for everyone, further concreted by phrases like ‘anyone can make money’. As a result, it acts as a great motivation for first time binary investors.

Therefore, it can be inferred that the design of the landing page successfully catches the attention of the viewers. The design and textual elements have been added in with great care on the website, some of which are mentioned below-

Client Focus and Outreach
A noticeable approach to communicating with their audience is their client first nature of content. They have tried to ask open ended questions about the future plans of their potential investors, offered necessary assistance with great warmth, and assured them of a risk free, pleasant trading experience. Except for the ‘Packages’ and the ‘About Us’ section, they have seldom used more in-trade jargon than necessary. Rather, their simplistic approach has delivered a message of trust to potential clients. This gives off a warm and hospitable vibe which helps gain audience trust in the very first glance.

However, nothing short of details have been given in the ‘Packages’ section where the different monetary packages provided by the company are listed in a convenient ‘cheapest first’ order. This is of immense importance because if first time investors become intimidated seeing the rather grandiose packages, chances are that they might be discouraged to invest. Starting from the more cost effective packages and going up is also one of the smart design strategies taken up by the designers of the website.

The most popular and trending packages have been colour coded for convenience, a list of stock markets that the company gives alerts for is given along with which package covers which. This helps investors compare the packages side by side. Besides, the exclusive VIP packages have also been highlighted with the mention of dedicated support for those who want to invest large. They have also put up the value of each package in bold lettering in order so that the customers understand the pricing and services offered for them.

Website Design
It is indeed quite admirable that the World Binary Exchange website has applied some golden rules of web design with utmost care. The most important aspect of a website is, hands down, its visual appeal; keeping that in mind, the website has used a consistent blue and white colour palette, kept the slideshow panel on top very minimalistic, and made generous use of free space in the design. It is to be mentioned that the use of white space is comforting to the eye and makes text content more prominent. This adds to the minimalistic design aesthetic of the overall website.

The proper use of font sizes, capitalization, and highlighting is also an aspect worth mentioning. The monetary amount and estimated profits have been highlighted in order to attract attention so that the visitors notice those figures immediately. For example, the amount of $50,000 has been highlighted with blue, prompting potential investors to invest and give their services a shot.

In spite of having a separate ‘Contact Us’ section, the home page has a contact form for the visitors that they can fill without having to visit another page. This is an indicator of their customer liaison and warm nature as a company. Also, the use of flags indicates their presence in the reputed stock markets around the world, acting as a sign of credibility and professionalism.

Hence, the smooth and responsive design of the website makes it visually stunning yet simplistic without any unwanted content. The pages are well aligned and colour coded as per necessity, such as the different packages of the ‘Services’ page.

Textual Content
Instead of putting up lines and lines of jargon and company literature, the website takes a smart approach of asking very short and open ended questions, providing not more than very necessary information and motivating the target audience using very crisp and effective language. The font sizes are great and can be read easily from a distance. The generous use of spacing and smart colour selection has made the written content even more prominent and readable. The lack of text content does not sacrifice in providing necessary information; rather, the information is just about necessary for those investing for the first time.

The very simplicity of the written content is itself an eye catching aspect of the website. The company asks very specific questions such as ‘new boat?’, ‘new car?’, etc. as their target audience may be in need of these luxury items. These little questions are vital in order to connect with the monetary needs of their potential clients, proving to be more effective than a page full of company literature.

The provided investment packages have been arranged in an orderly ‘bottom up’ fashion in the ‘Packages’ page. From low prices to high, the alignment has been consistent, enabling first timers to choose an option without the distracting figures of the more expensive packages. More serious investors will look at all the available options; hence, they are the ones that would scroll down to explore more options. This is why the company started from the cheaper packages to keep new investors interested.

It is also worth mentioning that the text sizes change at points where most attention is needed. This helps avoid confusion and gives a more simplified approach to viewing the site.

Overall, the website has been designed with great care and it has been made specifically to pass the message across; which it does successfully.